About Us

Who are we?

We are a small video game studio founded in Hawaii by a brother, sister, and their rescue dog!

Why build a game when it's so hard?

Because it’s the best feeling in the world when we see people smiling and enjoying a game we’ve poured our all into.

Yes, we could be making more money building a new tech product, but that feeling we get from seeing our happy players is so incredibly warm and priceless.

From a young age, our Mom and Dad told us that if we give it our all to create good things for other people, good things will come our way. So, although we may only be a two-person (and one dog) team, we have the spirit and tenacity of a hundred-person tech startup!

Our Mission

Our sole and primary mission at Bluebird Studios LLC is to add a bit of joy, warmth, and happiness to the world.

The goal with Treat Team is to create a refreshing experience that is genuinely fun and has the power to put smiles on our players.

Even more than that, we want Treat Team to be more than just a game. We want it to also be a community of people advocating for the well being and happiness of animals.

Our rescued dog, Kaleo, has made our family tighter and happier than ever, and we believe that dogs and other animals have the potential to help every family in the world be happier. And that’s why we’re donating a consistent part of our revenues to animal shelters – to help save the animals that can heal and help other human beings be happier.

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