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What is Treat Team?

Treat Team is a game with seriously fun & challenging puzzles to brighten your day, whatever your mood.

Treat Team is now in Open Beta!

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Treat Team's vision

Our #1 goal is to make the world a better and happier place – if we build anything that’s contrary to that vision, it’s scrapped.

With that vision in place, we felt that we could really make a positive impact on people’s careers and work.

Why peoples’ careers?

Due to the pandemic and people working from home, peoples’ dependence on social media has skyrocketed. Hundreds of thousands of people have become addicted to social media, and it’s having a negative impact on their mental healths and productivity in their careers.

With Treat Team, our long term vision is to build a productivity app that will help people beat these social media apps, and be happier and achieve more productive and fulfilling lives!

And, while there are some apps out there that try to do this, they’re not very effective since it really is hard to keep using them – the addictive power of social media is just that strong.

That’s where Treat Team comes in. Games are indisputably the best way to keep people engaged and excited. Our plan is to leverage the greatness of games, with the engineering of a productivity app, to help empower people worldwide.

And we’d love for you to join us in our journey.



The Treat Team dev team

Why play Treat Team?

By playing Treat Team, YOU can donate REAL items — food, medication, etc. — to living animals that are in dire need of it.

As you play, you earn paw points. Once you collect enough, you can redeem them to donate an item. After getting your order, we buy the item you chose, and send it to one of the animal shelters that we have partnered with. From there, the animal shelter gives it to the homeless animals that are in their care!

We’ll be posting updates and stories of the animals that you’re donations have helped to our social media accounts. There, you’ll be able to see the journey of an animal from the day they’re rescued to the day they find their forever home!

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